Monday, 1 July 2013


             Holy Sprit
The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, The Love of God and the Sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit (2Cor 13:14)... is this just a mere recitation of 'The Grace' for you or does it mean more to you? Let's take a look at it...

The 'Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ' is that Grace that was provided when Jesus died on the cross for the whole world and took our sins in exchange for righteousness, our sickness in exchange for perfect health, our poverty in exchange for prosperity, death in exchange for life, pains in exchange for joy, oppression in exchange for victory, and basically, i'd say everything bad for everything good. Are you living in this Grace or in damnation? Are you maximizing this Grace or ignoring it? Besides, The Grace is for those who have GIVEN their lives to Christ - The Born-again Christians, so are you truly born again? Are you still living under the law or have migrated to the realms of Grace? Do not waste this great opportunity the Father has given us to live a life of 'Heaven on Earth' - The realms of the Supernatural..

The 'Love of God' - oh, how sweet! We love Him because He first loved us and this He demonstrated by giving His ONLY begotten Son - Jesus Christ - for a dying world (Jn 3:16). Have you reciprocated this love? Not just by your confessions of 'I love you Jesus' or 'I love God', but by your actions - loving those around you, caring for the less privileged, giving (your time, resources, etc) to those in need and also to Him, talking about Him to people? Then, do you understand this Love?, because the more you understand It, the more gloriously you live on Earth, far above the oppression and lies of the devil. God does love you, soooooooooo much, never doubt this. And also, the more you understand God's love and reciprocate it, the easier it is for you to live a life pleasing to Him - a life above sin.

Ok.... this is so cool, God so loved us that He gave to us His sweet Holy Spirit.... that's a great sacrifice and I find it really cool and I always appreciate this. The Holy Spirit is every believers strength here on earth. God speaks to us through Him, He helps us to understand the Word beyond the Surface of the lettering, He's the bestest friend ever because you can tell Him anything and everything and He'll keep your secrets too and you're so sure that He'll give you the best advices there ever can be. He's so loving and fun to be with , very humorous and most gentle. If you do not have a relationship with this Guy, you sure are missing a whole lot! Fellowship with God's Holy Spirit is the surest way for you to live a glorious life here on earth. He makes the Christian race much easier than it seems and He takes care of your weaknesses. When He's with you, the devil cannot come near because He is the HOLY Spirit. 

Make 'The Grace' much more than just a chant... it's a prayer and a commitment. Peace

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