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On Material Wealth
         rain of money

Some people believe that because Jesus told the rich man in Matt 19:23 that he has to give his wealth to the poor before he can enter heaven, therefore, it is a sin for a Christian to be materially wealthy. Well, that's a totally shallow thinking. Here, it implies that you should just HAVE wealth and not POSSESS it. This is because in heaven the principle of increase is giving and it would also prevent the temptation to make material things your god.

It is common fact that the Jews are the wealthiest and most successful group of people in the world today. This is because they understand the principle of increase from the Torah - giving. Jews believe that humans are supposed to be givers and not receivers and therefore they even give more than they spend. Giving is also a way to show your love for God.

Who do we then give to? First to God - diligently pay your Tithes and your Worship-Offerings to Him, then you can move on to the level of Sacrificial Offerings. Give to the poor and to the needy, you are simply privileged by the Grace of God. Support Kingdom projects like missionary evangelism, church building projects, etc. Most times, it is advisable to give by the promptings of the Spirit, especially in Sacrificial Offerings.

You should give in plenty for if you sow bountifully, you would reap bountifully (Lk 6:38). You cannot sow one grain of corn and expect to receive a field of corn. Some people would feel like are they not giving too much? Well, you can never give too much because the increase would be so much that you would be moved to keep giving more and more. Or do you actually think that God needs your money? An opportunity to give is an opportunity to be blessed and that is why it is called a 'seed'. God does not 'USE' people. 

Also when giving, you must give with a cheerful heart. After you give, you should not be grumbling about what you gave otherwise it becomes a seed that falls on the rocky ground. Also, it is advisable to give either according to or beyond your means, don't ever give below your means e.g. N5 out of N1000.

It takes faith to give what your life depends on - Prophet TB Joshua. Now when giving, you should expect something back in return because it is a seed sown to reap a harvest. You name your seed and tell God what you want in return, God always return back a hundred-fold and more. In fact, the Bible says that when you give to the poor, you are lending to God (Prov 19:17). Now just think, what happens when the bank lends you money over a period of time, you pay interest. Heaven's currency is way beyond any currency on earth so never underestimate God. 

A lot of people know how to give but very few know how to receive. Some people have defined the exact way the blessing must come and so they would not recognize it at all if God decides to bring it another way. After you have given, rejoice, only remember it for the returns, never regret.

One more thing, God only blesses people who are ready to be a channel of blessing to others and so the principle of giving (Prov 11:24, Matt 5:14-29). Hoarding the blessings God has given you e.g. having wears in your wardrobe that you have not worn for five years, what are they doing there or is the wardrobe going to wear them? would not move God to embarrass you with divine blessings, you would simply be getting physical rewards for jobs well done - salaries and profits (Matt 6: 19-20).

If you want to live a life of abundance, free from the financial 'rules' of this world, GIVE!!!

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