Wednesday, 19 June 2013


                       say the truth
We Christians like to bend the 'rules' a lot to suit our immediate needs. We quote sayings and Bible verses and render our own interpretations to them to favor our actions (Matt 15:9). This is just a deceit of the devil because no matter how much you bend the meanings of the verses in the Bible to suit you, that verse would still hold its originally intended meaning in God's Eyes (Matt 24:35). That's the integrity of the Word. 

So why do we prefer to suit our fleshy desires and justify ourselves? This bending of rules has affected the whole intention of Christianity. 'Christian' in actual fact means "Christ-like', so what is so Christ-like in satisfying your fleshy above the integrity of the Word.

It is actually this lack of integrity on the part of Christians that give unbelievers the audacity to castigate Christianity as a religion. If you as a Christian and an unbeliever are using the same methods to get the same results from the same situations, then what right do you have to call an 'unbeliever' an unbeliever?

One thing that helps to keep me in check is one very important question - what if the trumpet sounds now? And then I further ask myself, if God should now ask me, why did you miss the rapture, is any reason reasonable enough? Definitely no! Imagine missing rapture because of $50000 or even N500? Can that be compared to the wealth you would enjoy in heaven?

Let us reconstruct our focus. It would be really painful to miss rapture because you bribed someone, or because you cheated someone, or for greediness or for whatsoever reason (2Pet 3:10Rev 16:15). Acting the way unbelievers do is an embarrassment to Christianity. So why are you a Christian? 

Haven't you yet seen the benefits of being a child of God? Why haven't you stayed connected and focused on your Source? Because really, whatever you need, you need not fear any man, Our God is able to supply ALL (not some) our needs according to HIS (not ours) riches in Glory, through Christ Jesus (your first connection to God) (Phil 4:19). 

Moreover, you need not lie to get out of any problem because if integrity was in place initially, you wouldn't have gotten into any problem in the first place. Let's say you are not guilty, then Glory to God because Lk 18:7 says God shall avenge His elect. But if you are guilty and you are ready to change, thumbs up, because Rom 3:23 says that all have sinned and come short of God's Glory and Is 1:18 says God will wash your sins as white as snow. Isn't that beautiful? God has made provisions for all.

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