Monday, 8 July 2013


Sorry I have not posted in a long while, but I'm sure you've been having a splendid time with God...
It is a popular quote from the Bible that 'The Fear of The Lord' is the beginning of wisdom (Prov 9:10). We all pray to God for wisdom, but how many of us actually 'fear' The Lord? Now I'm not talking about 'Fear' in the way the world describes fear.

Actually, what does it mean to fear God? Using the story of Job (Job 1:1), I'd say to fear God means to live a life towards Holiness, to avoid evil and to live a life focused on pleasing God because of your love for Him. Expanding, I'd say it is simply putting God first in everything you do. It is also making your thought pattern like 'if God were here, would I do this, would I be here'? of which God is actually everywhere but we always seem to notice Him only when we want to, like in church services, on Sundays and when we want Him to do something for us. And that's why you'd hear people say things like 'I don't drink on Sundays', 'it's Sunday, don't sing circular songs', 'you just came back from church and you are lying'. At least, thank God there's some level of discipline, but we should always realize and accept the fact that God is everywhere all the time and that's why He is called Omnipresent.

Apart from having an awesome relationship with God, there are other benefits of walking in the Fear of The Lord - 

First we only say quote that the Fear of The Lord is the beginning of wisdom, but one of my spiritual fathers (Pastor Victor Oluwadamilare) says it is also the continuity of wisdom. I believe it is because of you begin with The Fear of The Lord and then you stop, you would come into an era of 'divine foolishness'. It is this indepth because you who was once seen to be wise would now be seen to be more foolish than the 'foolish' of this world.

Also, Prov 1:7 says that it is the beginning of knowledge because with God you don't learn secrets, they are shown to you - Bishop Abioye. Therefore, it grants you access to the secrets and treasures of heaven, I find that really cool. An example is the story of Jacob when in a year, all the wealth of Laban was transferred to him simply because God showed Him how to (Gen 30) and also that of Daniel, Shedrach, Meshach and Abednego in which they were found to be ten times better than their mates and equals (actually in that period, the king's meat would have first been sacrificed to idols, which was an abomination for them) (Dan 1). The Fear of The Lord also grants you favor with God and Man because God would not mind to 'move heaven and earth' because for you (Dan 1:9).

In addition, from the story of Job in Chapter 1 vs 1 - 3, you'd see that because he feared God, God so blessed Him. Also Joseph, because He feared God, God brought him to his destiny, making him a Prime Minister in a foreign nation overnight. The Fear of the Lord places you above your bosses, just like in the case of Joseph.

Let me leave you with this, The Spirit of God is The Spirit of The Fear of The Lord (Is 11:2), therefore keep your communion with the Holy Spirit daily and you would see yourself yearning to please God and actually pleasing Him more easily. Also, when God has seen the intent of your heart He would also make provision for you just like He did for Daniel so many times. Peace

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