Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Hi people, I'm so sorry I have not written in a long while, but I've got something really good today.
    Importance of reading The Bible
So many people have more than one version of this Great Book, some have more than five copies of it, many have it in different forms - soft-copy, hard-copy, audio, etc, most have it everywhere - in their cars, library, rooms, kitchen, toilet, handbag /briefcase, etc, but how many actually read it? 

One thing that I've come to know about The Trinity is that they work with us based on what we know, They cannot perform more than what we know except of course in rare cases. For us to claim the blessings of God, we need to know what The Book says about them. Also, God speaks to us primarily through The Book. When we are at crossroads, The Holy Spirit brings to our remembrance some verses we have read in The Book that would then inform us on what next. So far, I have discovered that everything a Christian needs to make it in this life and beyond is in The Book. More so, we defend ourselves from the deceit of the devil with information from The Book.

Lucifer the devil knows a lot about God and about The Bible for he was one of the top angels before his great fall. You'd notice that when he wanted to tempt Jesus Christ, he used words from The Book and Jesus in return also responded with words from The same Book (Matt 4). The most common temptations that Christians easily fall into are the ones in which Lucifer says 'but The Bible said..., so why not?', and if we do not really know this Bible, we would not have sufficient knowledge to counter him. Note, Lucifer would never quote The Scriptures wrongly, and so if you want to counter him with The Scriptures, you'd better know it and know it well, otherwise 'the accuser' would go and counter you instead before God and would make a mockery of you.

It is therefore pertinent that as Christians, we should take time not only to study The Bible to get Rhema (Revelation from The Word), but to also know The Logos by heart. Both are very very important. Salute!

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