Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Yeah, RUN!!!
                                     run away                                               
No one is too good or too bad to be tempted - Prophet T.B Joshua

Well, some people like to think that they are so strong spiritually and that they have overcome a lot of temptations, therefore, they can stand anything. The funny thing is that if the devil cannot get you from your weaknesses (because you are aware of them), he'll get you from your strengths (because you'd ignore them). This is the reason why you'd find many good Christians saying "but I didn't expect myself to do such thing", it is because these 'strengths are left unguarded.

Most times, falling into sin is not a one day affair, it usually takes some time. As a guy, if you think, oh well, I cannot fall into the sin of fornication and then you move around with females who dress less than decently, one day, you'd find yourself thinking it even if you can manage to avoid the real action. Guys are more moved by what they see. And if you think, man, I've done a lot a bad stuffs already, name it - is it drinking, or smoking, or sleeping with girls, prostitution, I've done them all. Well, the devil is right there around you to help you add more to your list of 'done sins'. Since you think those ones are 'big', then he'd help you add stealing, cheating, masturbation, etc.

The Bible has admonished us to 'ABSTAIN' ALL 'APPEARANCES' of evil (1Thess 5:22), It says to RESIST the devil (Jn 10:5). Those three words in capital letters are very important. Abstain, It didn't say, negotiate, or reject, It said ABSTAIN which means to deliberately refuse it!!!. It also didn't say some, or the 'serious' ones, It says ALL!!!. It also didn't say the act has to be done, It says once it looks like it!!!. We Christians know how to teach and practice confessions of the possessions we want in Christ but many hardly dispel evil thoughts from their minds. 

Stop acting 'My Anointing is too much' or 'I have been a Christian from birth' or 'I preach the Word every Sunday'. The Bible did not say pray away all appearances of evil, It says to abstain from them all. And we are supposed to be working towards perfection and not rating our sins - small, big, bigger, biggest, seriously!!!. Someone might say, ehn, before I was smoking marijuana, now I am smoking just cigarette, so I am OK like this. Funny, but sin is sin.

It is much easier to abstain when you have a good measure of the Holy Spirit and The Word of God in you. 1Jn 3:9 attests to the the fact that when the Word is in you, you can avoid sin. Jesus also said The Word is Spirit and life (Jn 6:63). Also, you should simply avoid going to places where you know if God is right beside you, you wouldn't go (because He's actually always right beside you, you simply do not take note of Him) and avoid doing things you know Jesus wouldn't do. It takes a lot of discipline to put your flesh under the power of your spirit.

Try as much as possible to always stay tuned-in to The Word and The Spirit.

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  1. Michael C. Okafor28 June 2013 at 08:02

    True talk! May God help us.