Wednesday, 12 June 2013


The happiest people on earth
              Jesus David Moses

I just realized more vividly something exciting today that I'd like to share with you - The relationship between David and Jesus.

David was a man after God's heart (1Sam 16:7), God said about Jesus - "this is My beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased" (Matt 3:17).

David cared for his father's sheep (1Sam 17:34), Jesus cares for His Father's sheep (Christians) (1Pet 5:7).

David defended the sheep from lions and bears and wolves (1Sam 17:34-36), Jesus defends us from the attacks of the devil. In Him do we find our refuge (2Sam 22:3).

David's brothers thought him too small to kill Goliath (1Sam 17:28), Jesus was not well accepted by His brethren because He was merely the carpenter's son to them (Matt 13:54-58).

David carried a sling and five stones to kill Goliath (1Sam 17:40), Jesus - J E S U S - 5 - five means grace. Because of the Grace of God towards man, the unmerited favor of God that He showed and still shows to man, Jesus died on the Cross of Calvary for us, went to hell and conquered the devil, took all the 'keys' from him and came out victorious (Col 2:14-15).

The children of Israel chased the philistines for as long and took their spoils (1Sam 17:52-53), the Bible says that we are more than conquerors and now we can trample on the devil and his tactics. We are now have dominion over principalities and powers (Eph 3:10). Glory be to God!

Stop allowing the devil to toy with you, fight back because the battle has already been won. If you keep on condoning his rubbish  then you are saying, "don't worry, I'm gonna manage, it ain't that bad, at least I'm still alive"... Don't let the devil get a laugh off you. 

Start living the glorious life that Christ prepared for us today. We Christians are supposed to be, the happiest people on earth.


  1. ...and we in fact are the happiest people on earth!! This is wonderful revelation.

    1. Yes God alone be all the Glory