Monday, 24 June 2013


Wow!... learnt something wonderful in church on Sunday and I want to share it with you

And then they ask... "why do Christians pray for their enemies to suffer,to die"? "Isn't that so heartless"? "But Jesus said Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing". The truth is that there is only one place and one instance in the Bible where Jesus said that (Lk 23:24). Now the question is, what about those that know what they are doing to you? What happens to them? 

If you read my previous post LET LOVE LEAD, you would notice that I tried to define 'enemies'. Once again, your enemies are not exactly your acquaintances who get you angry a lot or who tease you a lot. To define, I quote (paraphrased) one of my pastors - "your enemy is anyone and anything that is deterring you from making progress of any type in life". Therefore, your enemy can be a sickness, disease, poverty and anyone who is doing something against you, whether physically or spirituality to destroy your progress in life.

Now what does the Bible say about these enemies? Is 35:4 says that God will come with vengeance to save you. From who? Those that make you fearful. You would also see in Ps 94:1 when David cried out to God, referring to Him as the God of vengeance. We would also see in Ez 25:17 when God said He would visit the Philistine with furious vengeance because they had disturbed the people of Israel. Nahum 1:2 says God would revenge for you.

Until the vengeance of the Lord comes upon your 'enemies', your light might never shine, because the execution of God's vengeance brings about your liberation. Is 61:2, Is 34:8. Why should you be gentle with those that do not want your progress? If you keep on being gentle, it means you do not mind the suffering and they would continue oppressing you until you die a gentle death (no one would know the cause of your death).

And just so you'd know too, you are God's own and God takes care of His own. Therefore it is very dangerous to touch a true Christian. We would see in Gen 20:3 how God defended Abraham before Abimelech.

Therefore, cry out to the God of vengeance today to avenge you of your enemies that your glory may show forth, for vengeance is of the Lord God of Hosts who is a Consuming-Fire (Rom 12:19, Heb 10:30). Indeed, our light shall shine for Jesus is coming to meet a glorious church, one which faces the forces of evil head-on.

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