Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Sunday, 25 August 2013


Still doubting God's existence despite the fact that you have heard so much about Him? Let's take a little look at nature:

Plants, Animals and God
According to research, as at 2010, there are over 1,367,000 species of animals existing in the world and over 321,000 species of plants, of which the research still continues. One definitely does not need a guru to tell him/her that a Supreme is the only One who could have done this sort of thing and it's so totally amazing!

Ever wondered how plants eat? Trust me, I'm still wondering till today. Then let's look at what forms life - the cells; scientists say that: "Cells are extremely complex – so complex that our understanding of their structure and function is very much incomplete. It is interesting to consider that, even with the most advanced technologies of today; engineers are not yet able to design a machine that can mimic or replace a cell. The difficulty lies in the seemingly impossible design requirements. For example, such a machine would need to perform the functions of a specialized cell (e.g. secretion, contraction, electrical conduction etc.), be packaged into the small size of a cell, repair and replicate itself, and communicate with and respond to its environment". Only God could have created the cell.

Now it's common knowledge in science that the atom is the smallest particle in the world, and then sometime ago, scientists claimed to have found the substance from which the atom generated. But then we should ask them the very simple question, where did that very little substance come from? God of course.

Like I said at the beginning of this posts, just a 'little' dive into nature, if you go deeper, you'd be so awed you'd have no words to describe your state of emotions. 

God is so real and you really should get to know Him personally, you'd find Him to be really cool, plus you'd get access to a part of His infinite Wisdom. Doubt me? if you can, ask John Maxwell, or any other of those major scientists, they'd tell you God was their secret.


Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Ever thought about the intricacies involved in the creation of man? Let me get you into it a little...
For one, every single human-being, even twins, have different Finger-prints. It takes an extremely creative Person to do that for over 1 billion people, both dead and living. Two, every DNA is different, trust me, and only an extremely creative Person can do that for over 1 billion people. Three, I still do marvel till today, how God happened to create man with a variety of 'materials' (permit me to say); bones, skin, nails, internal organs, really! both hard and soft materials into 1 creation! Simply Awesome!!! Four, how did God happen to create so many different shades and colors of one kind of being - humans? what a Great Artist! In Nigeria alone we have 371 tribes with different dialects of three major languages! Now, take a detailed look at just your hands, see the different lines there? it's different on each of your palm and that goes for every human, wow!!! Then He still loved this man sooooo much that He made that same creation in His very own image; to breathe, think and create too!, now that's incredible!

Now do you wanna tell me man came from Apes?, then why do humans give birth? the Apes are supposed to keep evolving to make more humans... lol.

Sit and think more, then you'd know how really awesome this Great God is... Yes! Yes! The Almighty God does exist!!! Don't just stop at knowing about Him, get to know Him, because He wants to know you too and how you are making use of the freedom He has given; the freedom of choice!