Friday, 31 May 2013


Think about this...

Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and praise you Father in Heaven (Matt 5:16).

A little poem of  Marianne Williamson:

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. 
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. 
It is our light, not our darkness
That most frightens us.

We ask ourselves
Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be? 
You are a child of God.

Your playing small 
Does not serve the world. 
There's nothing enlightened about shrinking 
So that other people won't feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine, 
As children do. 
We were born to make manifest 
The glory of God that is within us.

It's not just in some of us; 
It's in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine, 
We unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. 
As we're liberated from our own fear, 
Our presence automatically liberates others.

So let your light shine!!!

Thursday, 30 May 2013


Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit says The Lord (Zech 4:6). It is very important as Christians to engage the power of The Holy Spirit in our day-to-day living. Jesus said, I’ll send another, The Comforter (Jn 16:7)…..

Everything that we would ever be able to accomplish supernaturally is going to be by this Holy Spirit of God. It is by Him that God guides us, it is through Him that God speaks to us and it is by Him that we gain deeper understanding into the Word. This era of Christianity, right from the apostles, is the era of God the Holy Spirit.

Some people do say, but I do not know what next to do, and then they are busy running from pastor to pastor, from spiritualist to spiritualist. When we gave our lives to Christ, we became born again by the Spirit of God. From that day on, the Holy Spirit has been right there beside us, but because so many are ignorant of this, Christians are not dominating the world the way we should. He is the Spirit of Wisdom & Understanding, of Counsel & of Might. He is the Spirit of Knowledge and of the Fear of The Lord (Is 11:2).

A lot of people are either totally ignorant of His Presence, or have totally forgotten that He’s just right there. Then you hear Christians say, “I can’t just stop this habit”, “abeg it’s not easy to stay away from sin, at least the ‘little’ ones would still be there”. But really, this ‘Power’ of the Holy Spirit has been made available to all Christians and not just a selected few. It’s one thing to know what you have, it’s another thing to make use of it. It is not just power to perform miracles and signs & wonders, it is also to live a glorious and fulfilled life here on earth.

In order to live a gloriously as the kings that we are supposed to be here on earth, we really cannot overlook the Ministry of The Holy Spirit. He’s there to help us, to teach us, to guide us, to comfort us, to protect us. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, therefore, you need to engage the total backing of the Unseen to fight the unseen. Bishop Abioye once said, I’d rather be meek and have a Shepherd, than be strong without a Shepherd (Is 30:1-3, 31:1). Living a life pleasing to God becomes easier, excelling in everything becomes easier, and knowing what next to do and how to do it is a walk-over.

And there’s something so wonderful about the HolySpirit….., He’s just so sweet, and He’s got such a good sense of humor. He’s one person that you can tell anything and everything that you can’t tell anyone else. He’s the bestest friend anyone can ever have and He makes your relationship with the Father and with Jesus so possibly sweet. He’s the bestest Personal Adviser around (Go and ask those that have been led by Him) and He’s so loving and caring. I really do not know which other words to use to describe Him, but what more I know is that I love Him sooooooo (if I go on, I’d be out of space…lol) much and I wouldn’t be where or what I am today without Him.

Talk to Him today and have fun….trust me.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013


It so wonderful how God does not think like man does. Man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart (1Sam 16:7).

When God wants to do great things, He doesn’t always necessarily choose ‘great’ people. Abraham – from a family of idol worshippers, Moses – a stammerer with some anger issues, Jacob – a cheat, Rahab (was in the lineage of Jesus Christ) – a harlot, Paul – a persecutor of Christians, Smith Wigglesworth – a plumber, Benny Hinn – a stammerer and sickler, Gideon – the least and unrecognized in his family, Solomon – the product of adultery, David - also the least and unrecognised in his family.

He says, in your weakness is my strength made perfect (2Cor 12:9). And for this, I'm so much grateful to Him.

Also, it's so cool the way God does not judge like man does, because if He does, we'd all probably be wiped-off by now. His grace and mercy is always sufficient for us (2Cor 12:9). Really Lord, if not for your Grace, where would we all be?

I really love you Lord.......for this your unending Goodness towards mankind (Ex 34:6-7).

Monday, 27 May 2013


Be Thankful!!!

Hello People...., hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Sometimes during my morning prayer, the Holy Spirit is sooo awesome, He brings to my remembrance everything that God has done for me right from when I was small and I'll be like wow! Then I'd remember the Bible verse - count your blessings, name them one by one, and it would surprise you what the Lord has done. 

You might not have everything you want, you might not have everything you ever asked God for, but really, if you would just sit to think, you'd know that nevertheless, God has still been soooo good.

There's something my prophet (Bishop David Oyedepo) always say: when you thank God for His finger, you'd see His hand, and when you thank Him for His hand, you'd see His outstretched arm, and when you thank Him for His outstretched arm, He'll comedown in His whole might!

Just like the one leper out of the ten that came back to say thank you to Jesus Christ for His healing, and then got a total restoration, thanksgiving perfects the blessings that God has given you, and inspires Him to give you more.

Don't know what to thank Him for? Thank Him because you're alive...many are dead, thank Him because you've legs...many are crippled, thank Him because you can see...many are blind, thank Him because you can speak and hear....many are deaf and dumb, thank Him because you can sleep......many use sleeping pills, thank Him because you can eat, swallow and digest....many are in the hospital using tubes. Most of all, thank Him because you know know Him because He chose you to know Him. These a just a few 'basic' extraordinary things that God does that many of us overlook.

Be thankful to God today, and you'll see your tank of blessings become full.

Friday, 24 May 2013


Our Father, which art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name… This ‘chant’ is recited by most of us every day. Now, the story behind this was Jesus, teaching His Disciples to pray and as we know, it begins with ‘hallowed be Thy Name’. That means a whole lot.

Many people, when praying, fill their prayers with God I want…, God I need…, God give me…, God bless me with…, God do…, all just asking, asking, asking. Daily, we remember to ask God for our ‘Daily’ bread, but do we remember to give Him His? The major reason God created man was to fellowship with Him, to fill in the gap Lucifer left, to give Him praises, glory, honour, to worship Him and adore Him, and then the greatest privilege – to have a Father-child relationship with Him. But many of us, our relationship with God is more like President-Civilian. Send Him the petition, then wait, if He doesn’t answer when expected, look for another.

We as Christians are supposed to be God-chasers. There is nothing sweeter in this Christian race than having a personal relationship with The Trinity. We see a lot of examples in the Bible: Enoch (Gen 5:24), Abraham (Is 41:8), David (1Kings 15:3), Jesus (Matt 3:17).

It is much more better to have the water-pump, than to have a full drum of water because it would finish one day. In relating this to God, it is better to chase the Giver of the blessings and the blessings would follow than just the blessings without the Giver. "God is all you need to have all your needs met" (David Oyedepo).

God is waiting for you, would you accept His invitation?

Thursday, 23 May 2013


Enjoying your stay on earth

Good day Readers, hope you've been having a splendid week.

Yes, perfect health is attainable. I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth (3Jn 1:2). When God defines prosperity, He is not just talking about money or material things, He is also referring to your spirit, mind, soul and body, and here, I'll be talking about physical health.

God's will for man is that we should enjoy His other creations to the fullest during our stay on this earth (Gen 1:28). When God created man, He put in the Garden of Eden the best of food that man should eat (Gen 1:29).

It is not only in professing 'perfect health' in faith that one would live in perfect health, we have a lot on our own part to do too. Nowadays, everyone is on the go, rushing to work, getting home late, and the rat-race continues, and so because of this, many have little or no time to prepare a good meal to eat, be it in the morning, or at night. The fastest things to get are the Drive-thrus and the Fast-food restaurants, the carbonated drinks and the sweetened snacks. But these are not the original things God planned for us to eat as humans. If you'd study yourself well, you'll realize that you never really get satisfied after eating these foods, you still get hungry in a few hours and then you keep on taking-in more and all its pumping into your body is more of chemicals than useful nutrients.

In playing your own part to live a healthy life, you need to plan your meals in such a way that you eat as much natural food as possible ( I for one would admit that it's not easy, but it's really worth it and there's nothing good-planning and determination cannot do. For example, in place of the junk snack, you can take fruits, in place of the the many carbonated drinks you take in, take packaged fruit juices or better still, get a juicer. Also, take time to work-out and exercise daily and not just from car to office and vice-versa, then back to your living room. In addition, it is advisable to know your blood-group and eat according to recommendations for your blood-group ( as much as you can. The junk food and snack can then become a once-in-a-while frivolity.

I'll also add that you do not forget the place of maintaining a healthy spiritual life, there's just this 'something' that connects your spirit and body. When your spirit is healthy, your body is automatically healthy too. You just checkout the servants of God.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Have you reciprocated this Great Love?

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him would not perish, but have everlasting life (Jn 3:16).... 

Have you ever thought beyond the surface of these words or is it just a bible quote? Have you ever thought of how much pain Jesus must have gone through before and during His crucifixion? Jesus, giving up His life for what He created? God, having made man, deciding to give His own Spirit to us (Gen 2:7)? I don't think I've heard of any scientist who would agree to be killed just so that his robot would live, or who would agree to kill his son for a robot who seems to care less about what happens next. Seriously...

But all God has asked back from us is that we live for Him, that we please Him in all we do, and yet, yet, we still submit ourselves to the devil with the 'little' sins that we commit. What good thing has the devil done that we don't mind making him happy while grieving God? Now I understand when David said what is man that Thou art mindful of him? (Ps 8:4).

I'd like you to watch this clip and think about the way you've lived your life. Is it making God happy? If we love God, we would strive to please Him by keeping His commandments (Jn 14:15, 2Jn 1:6, Jn 14:21).

Monday, 20 May 2013


Love is all we need

Hello readers, hope you had a splendid weekend. Anyways I did, ‘had an awesome time in
church yesterday too, diverse miracles and testimonies.

Today, I want to talk about a little something I’ve noticed a lot of Christians do – we like to avoid the ‘bad guys’. Meanwhile, Jesus, whom we are following, said He came for the sinners and we would see a vivid example in Matt 9:9-13 how He dined with Matthew - the tax collector and through Matthew to John, how He walked in the midst of the people and not just His chosen twelve.

We keep on complaining that these people are bad, these people are corrupt, but if we do not show them the Love of Christ, how do we want them to change? Who do they learn from? I’m not saying we should go and become ‘best of friends’ with them, but we need to let them know that at least, if they come to sit beside us to talk, we would not try to end the conversation swiftly in fear of ‘contamination’.

We need to show these ‘lost ones’ that having a ‘relationship’ with God is truly awesome and nothing to be scared about. If we keep on avoiding them, making them feel unworthy, worthless, unwelcome, then how do we want to bring these ones to the Light?

We need to go to the ‘highways’ and the ‘edges’, to those who look like they are ‘living corpses’, to those who look like their world is about to come to an end, these are the people Jesus sent us to (Mark 16:15, Luke 9:2) – to the dead in spirit. It matters not if the person goes to church every Sunday, because really, some are just merely church-goers while in their hearts they have lots and lots of questions.

People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. People respond more to actions of love than to anything else. Don’t seclude yourself from these your colleagues in the name of being ‘spiritual’. You would agree with me that you wouldn't want to listen to someone who comes to advise you of a bad behavior, if every other day, he/she simply walks past you without even remembering to say hi.

Remember, even we who are good were once bad. Or perhaps, you were born into a Christian home, also remember that we are saved not by our good works, but by grace through faith.

Spread the Love of Christ everyday, everywhere you go, to every one you meet. Cheers!!!


Friday, 17 May 2013


Not against flesh and blood but principalities and powers!

It’s very common to hear: “I feel he just blatantly hates me”, “that girl is very sassy, such a sniche”, “a gossiper and backbiter, so big-mouthed!”, “gosh! he’s such a liar!”…

We need to realize the fact that when the Bible says we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers (Eph 6:12), it really meant it. The fact that someone gossips about you, spreads lies about you, or literarily abuses you in your face, is not an excuse to develop hatred for that person or to keep malice. We are all created in His Image and Likeness.

We also need to understand that man is primarily a spirit (Gal 5:17, Rom 8:9) just living in a body, so the real things that happen first happen in the spiritual before you see a physical manifestation. That your neighbor or colleague that acts in such manner, if you really look beyond the physical, you’ll know that he/she is being controlled by some evil spirit. Whether you like it or not, anger is backed by a demon, unforgiveness is backed by an evil spirit, gossiping is backed by an evil spirit, a hardened heart is backed by an evil spirit.

Once you can understand this fact, then it would be easier for us to obey and practice what Jesus commanded: pray for them that 'hate' you (Matt 5:44). You have only one real enemy, which is the devil! Your enemies are also the people or things that attempt to hamper your progress in life either spiritually or physically. The battles in this world are always bad against good, demonic spirit against Holy Spirit. That is the real battle. Don’t go around hating everyone that offends you! Let love lead, and that is the primary commandment God gave us: love your neighbor as yourself. 

If you love your neighbors (those around you), you’ll pray for them because really, every bad behavior or attitude is backed up by some evil spirit. Don’t take this for granted! The simple fact is that unforgiveness and hatred does more harm to you than that person and in fact, you are indirectly inviting the devil into your own life. People would always 'offend' you one way or the other, but its actually your choice to either get offended or not.

Besides, Ps 23:5 says, He prepares a table before you in the presence of your ‘human enemies’, so, if you pray for all your ‘human enemies’ to die, which one of them would remain to see you come out victoriously, basking in God’s glory? The devil only uses humans as instruments against each other. Imagine a house of two: the first with the spirit of anger and the second with the spirit of strife, I tell you, that house would be a living hell.

So once again, let love lead, always.

Thursday, 16 May 2013


In life, following God’s leading is key to your success.

You may ask, why?

Well, the most popular reason is because there is a way that seemeth right unto a man but the end thereof is destruction (Prov 14:12, Prov 16:25). And then, there are many other reasons like- He created you so obviously He knows what is bestest (if there is a word like that) for you. Also, He is the only Wise God. Then again, you were created for a specific purpose (Jer 29:11) and the only way to maximally fulfill it is by inquiring from the One who made you.

But how do you hear Him? How do you know when He is speaking?

Truth is, most of us don’t even listen at all. But when you do ask, God speaks in diverse ways principally through His Word [the hidden message (Rhema) in the written Word (logo) which is revealed to you by His Holy Spirit (Jn 16:13)]. He also speaks through dreams, visions, revelations. Then too, He speaks through impressions in your spirit (sometimes you find yourself saying “I just don’t feel right ‘bout this”). This is what is called the ‘check in the spirit man’, your feeling uneasy or feeling at peace. God hears you when you talk to Him and He does respond, you probably simply aren't listening.

In listening to and hearing God, it is very important to be 101% sure that you are hearing the right person and you heard Him right, because sometimes, it’s just your mind telling you what you would like to hear. Therefore, we should always ensure to make sure of what we hear. You need to exercise a whole lot of patience and you have to be very sensitive.

Most of the things God tell people to do, most times, sound very dumb and stupid to the normal human reasoning. Take Isaac for example, he was told to remain in the land when there was famine (Gen 26:1,3,12). Really dumb right? What about Moses, getting water by hitting the rock (Ex 17:6), then secondly by speaking (Num 20:8). Also, in the covenant of prosperity, it is givers that get wealthier (Luke 6:38, Prov 11:24), but the world system says ACQUIRE! ACQUIRE! ACQUIRE! ……. SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! 

But then, God’s Ideas always work out best and stress-free. Always!!! It’s not only when you want to pass an exam that you ask God where to read. You should ask Him and confirm from Him about virtually everything, no matter how insignificant it may seem. You should ask what business to invest in, who to marry, where to live, where to school, …. the list goes on and on.

You are supposed to involve your Creator in every area of your life, even if just simply because He definitely knows you more than yourself. Trust me.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


  Love is key!!!

Good morning People, it's a brand new day again!
On the 10th of this month early in the morning, I sat to watch an Indian movie. It depicted the character of a guy who blamed and shouted at God for virtually everything negative that happened to him. He then had an opportunity to meet God face-to-face and then he asked Him something like: "what are You doing up there while bad things are happening to Your creations. Can't You do anything about it or are You so incapable? Why did You then create man in the first place if You know the end from the beginning?"
I presume these kind of questions have crossed our minds at least once or twice. We ask ourselves: why are there bad people in this world? why isn't everyone happy? why isn't everything going on smoothly, perfect without any worries?
Truth is, when God created man, He made him perfect, but since man was created in His own image (Gen 1:27, Ps 82:6), He made him to have choices (Deut 30:19). Man should have the ability and the privilege to choose what he wants. God made man to have a creative mind, but He did not tell man to make bombs and firearms. God said man should be fruitful, but He did not tell man to steal to have that, He said work! God said man should multiply and replenish the earth, which is the reason that there are so many people on this earth, but He did not create hatred, malice, backbiting and all other vices that exist among us.
God's idea for this earth was for it to be a perfect replica of Heaven (just try to imagine the Garden of Eden), but because the devil was already on earth before man, there now existed opposites. Man now has to choose between good & evil, life & death, blessings & curses, righteousness & sin, love & hatred, God & the devil. We make choices between these in our everyday life.
Don't ever harbor the thought that God ain't good or that He doesn't care about you. God is sooooo good (Ps 8:4). If you have ever asked Him for something and you did not get it, then probably it's not yet time for you to get it, or you have not asked according to His perfect will for you (Matt 7:11). Your happiness does not lie in your possession of material things alone, it also lies, most importantly, in your walking relationship with the Father - your creator (Ps 63, Phil 3:10). Not all that glitters is gold. What is good for the goose might be bad for gander. Your friend has it does not mean you should. Your Father knows what is best for you at each point in time.

If everyone in this world strives to live in love with God & man [which is the utmost commandment (Mark 12:30-31)], and in contentment, then all would be well. Let us continue that chain reaction of love that our Father started in John 3:16.