Tuesday, 30 July 2013


I'm going to ask a question and I want you to answer it sincerely within your heart: 'if' you were given the privilege of choosing when rapture should come, what would be your response? Because so far, most responses I get sound like 'nah!, I gotta get married first, buy a good car, have ma awesome crib, you know, enjoy a bit of life first, and some other stuffs, you know what i'm talking about'. 

Some people do not just want to accept the fact that The Rapture is on its way, some accept this fact, but feel they've been hearing for damn quite too long, it's become a norm and has been put at the back of their minds, some also would tell you that there's nothing like 'that' and in fact, they do not believe in some 'Invisible Being' existing somewhere no one has gone to... blah, blah, blah. The Rapture is so real (Matt 24:36)

I just want to refresh this simple but very important reality of life in our precious minds, The Rapture is coming and it is so close I can feel it (Matt 24:33). I once told someone, we are simply lucky that the timing in heaven is different from that of the earth, otherwise, you won't hear people say 'my great-grandfather died believing that The Rapture was coming, my father also died believing the same, why won't I think I'd be long gone before The Rapture comes? 

Thing is, really, there's nothing to be scared of about Rapture because Heaven is so much more better than this wicked world we are living in. The one thing that you should bother to be bothered about is your own way of life and your personal relationship with God while you are still here (Matt 24:42), because that determines a whole lot - whether you make it to Heaven or to Hell... not getting you scared alright? The rapture will separate those who knew the Lord in Spirit and Truth, from those who knew the Lord just by tradition and form (

Many are now confused about what is right and what is wrong because indeed, the world has become 'churchy' and the Church has become 'worldly'. Our Standard for life should be The Holy Bible and nothing else, through the help of The Holy Spirit. In fact, if a Servant of God preaches something and you do not see it in The Bible, you are permitted to reject that teaching in your heart. Mind you, The Bible cannot and should never be read like any other book because there is the Logos (the physical written Word we can see) and the Rhema (the Divine interpretations of the written Word which comes through The Holy Spirit of God). When you have any questions, confirm the answers you get from others in the Bible through the help of The Holy Spirit, don't swallow everything you hear just like that.

Do not get consumed with the attractions of this world so much that you forget you are just passing through to get to a Final Destination. This is very important. Just like it would piss you off to fail an exam that you know you have been reading for the past 3 months, so also it would be most annoying to have claimed to be a Christian from birth and have gone to church every Sunday and Weekly Service and still miss The Grand Prize - Rapture! (Matt 24:44)

What more, the Gospel is for everyone one, and what is this Gospel? it is The Good Message that Jesus came into the world to die for everyone and save us all. This Gospel is indeed already going viral. Don't hesitate to draw your friends and colleagues to Jesus Christ. I think it would be so cool if when we get to Heaven, we all see ourselves there, or what do you think? (Matt 24:14)

Jesus Loves You....... Peace
                                                   Painting, courtesy of Akiane Kramarik

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