Friday, 19 July 2013


There's no need to over-emphasize the roles that names play in the lives of its bearers. In the Bible times, parents named their children based most times, based on the circumstances of their birth, like in the case of Jabez. Also, sometimes, when God needed to take someone to their next level of breakthrough, He changed their name e.g. Abram - Abraham, Jacob - Israel, Saul - Paul. So also, God answers to His Names. 

God revealed His Names to us not just for us to learn in Christian Religious Studies (CRK) in school, but for us to know who He is and what He is capable of doing. For example, in Ex 6:3 when God wanted to manifest Himself in a new way to the Israelites, He introduced Himself to Moses as JEHOVAH, which in Hebrew is similar to YHVH (Yahweh) meaning 'I am that I am'. Also, in Gen 16:13, God was revealed to Hagar as El Roi meaning 'The One who sees'. God also introduced Himself to Abram in Gen 17:1-2 as El Shaddai when He wanted to assure him of His covenant to multiply and increase him.

Most times, what you call God is the way He would manifest Himself to you. For Example, in 2Kngs 2:14 when Elisha said 'LORD God of Elijah', God manifested Himself to him the way He had done to Elijah. As we behave and respond to the meaning of our names, God also behaves and responds to the meaning of His names in different situations. His names are also used when worshiping Him

Take time to learn God's Names and their meanings and you'd see that you'll begin to enjoy a better relationship with Him. You can't claim to know a God whose names you do not know. Do not limit God in your life.


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