Friday, 12 July 2013


Wanna share something very important that I saw today:

Yeah, God looks at the heart but the surface really matters too. For humans, 'don't judge the book by the cover' does not apply. When David chose the stones to kill Goliath, he didn't just choose any stones, he chose smooth stones, why? Just as it is preferred to grind with a smooth stone than with a rough one, so also it is much preferred to use a vessel that is alright inside-out than just on the inside.

The devil has been using that part of the Bible to deceive many people... 'it doesn't matter, God is not looking at the outside, it's the heart'. But seriously, would you permit an ill-dressed person to anchor an event for you?, definitely not. As much as God looks at the inward man, the outside is also very important. A lot of people would get really disappointed if they see a Pastor's wife wearing mini-skirt. To them, it is wrong for the Pastor's wife but not for them. This Christian race is for everybody and not just preachers, every man to himself.

As a Christian, your life should not be a controversial one. Of course, it's not in the Bible that 'thou shalt not wear mini-skirts' or 'thou shalt not smoke' or 'thou shalt not drink alcohol', but I do not see why a person would claim to be a Christian and there would be no clear difference between him/her and an unbeliever apart from church-going. Packaging is key with God too. The early disciples were first called Christians in Antioch because they acted and behaved like Christ, nowadays, 'I'm a Christian' is more or less a slang, it doesn't go deep down to the heart anymore. God forbid that at the end of this race, all 'efforts' would be rendered null and void.

Let people see you and see Christ, let your whole being glorify God. This is why when God sees a willing 'vessel' to use but first takes 'it' through 'fire' for purification and sanctification before use. What God uses you to do on the earth and how much you fulfill your destiny is dependent on your stand with God, God's view point of you. Since the way you dress is the way you are addressed, Christians should depict Christ in all they do. As you are working on your inside by the help of The Holy Spirit, you should let it correspond with your outside too - the way you dress, speak, act, etc. It doesn't all happen in one day but as you yield yourself totally to Jesus and the workings of His Holy Spirit, you'd see things falling into place.

Happy Weekend...

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