Tuesday, 28 May 2013


It so wonderful how God does not think like man does. Man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart (1Sam 16:7).

When God wants to do great things, He doesn’t always necessarily choose ‘great’ people. Abraham – from a family of idol worshippers, Moses – a stammerer with some anger issues, Jacob – a cheat, Rahab (was in the lineage of Jesus Christ) – a harlot, Paul – a persecutor of Christians, Smith Wigglesworth – a plumber, Benny Hinn – a stammerer and sickler, Gideon – the least and unrecognized in his family, Solomon – the product of adultery, David - also the least and unrecognised in his family.

He says, in your weakness is my strength made perfect (2Cor 12:9). And for this, I'm so much grateful to Him.

Also, it's so cool the way God does not judge like man does, because if He does, we'd all probably be wiped-off by now. His grace and mercy is always sufficient for us (2Cor 12:9). Really Lord, if not for your Grace, where would we all be?

I really love you Lord.......for this your unending Goodness towards mankind (Ex 34:6-7).

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