Thursday, 23 May 2013


Enjoying your stay on earth

Good day Readers, hope you've been having a splendid week.

Yes, perfect health is attainable. I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth (3Jn 1:2). When God defines prosperity, He is not just talking about money or material things, He is also referring to your spirit, mind, soul and body, and here, I'll be talking about physical health.

God's will for man is that we should enjoy His other creations to the fullest during our stay on this earth (Gen 1:28). When God created man, He put in the Garden of Eden the best of food that man should eat (Gen 1:29).

It is not only in professing 'perfect health' in faith that one would live in perfect health, we have a lot on our own part to do too. Nowadays, everyone is on the go, rushing to work, getting home late, and the rat-race continues, and so because of this, many have little or no time to prepare a good meal to eat, be it in the morning, or at night. The fastest things to get are the Drive-thrus and the Fast-food restaurants, the carbonated drinks and the sweetened snacks. But these are not the original things God planned for us to eat as humans. If you'd study yourself well, you'll realize that you never really get satisfied after eating these foods, you still get hungry in a few hours and then you keep on taking-in more and all its pumping into your body is more of chemicals than useful nutrients.

In playing your own part to live a healthy life, you need to plan your meals in such a way that you eat as much natural food as possible ( I for one would admit that it's not easy, but it's really worth it and there's nothing good-planning and determination cannot do. For example, in place of the junk snack, you can take fruits, in place of the the many carbonated drinks you take in, take packaged fruit juices or better still, get a juicer. Also, take time to work-out and exercise daily and not just from car to office and vice-versa, then back to your living room. In addition, it is advisable to know your blood-group and eat according to recommendations for your blood-group ( as much as you can. The junk food and snack can then become a once-in-a-while frivolity.

I'll also add that you do not forget the place of maintaining a healthy spiritual life, there's just this 'something' that connects your spirit and body. When your spirit is healthy, your body is automatically healthy too. You just checkout the servants of God.

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