Tuesday, 14 May 2013


  Love is key!!!

Good morning People, it's a brand new day again!
On the 10th of this month early in the morning, I sat to watch an Indian movie. It depicted the character of a guy who blamed and shouted at God for virtually everything negative that happened to him. He then had an opportunity to meet God face-to-face and then he asked Him something like: "what are You doing up there while bad things are happening to Your creations. Can't You do anything about it or are You so incapable? Why did You then create man in the first place if You know the end from the beginning?"
I presume these kind of questions have crossed our minds at least once or twice. We ask ourselves: why are there bad people in this world? why isn't everyone happy? why isn't everything going on smoothly, perfect without any worries?
Truth is, when God created man, He made him perfect, but since man was created in His own image (Gen 1:27, Ps 82:6), He made him to have choices (Deut 30:19). Man should have the ability and the privilege to choose what he wants. God made man to have a creative mind, but He did not tell man to make bombs and firearms. God said man should be fruitful, but He did not tell man to steal to have that, He said work! God said man should multiply and replenish the earth, which is the reason that there are so many people on this earth, but He did not create hatred, malice, backbiting and all other vices that exist among us.
God's idea for this earth was for it to be a perfect replica of Heaven (just try to imagine the Garden of Eden), but because the devil was already on earth before man, there now existed opposites. Man now has to choose between good & evil, life & death, blessings & curses, righteousness & sin, love & hatred, God & the devil. We make choices between these in our everyday life.
Don't ever harbor the thought that God ain't good or that He doesn't care about you. God is sooooo good (Ps 8:4). If you have ever asked Him for something and you did not get it, then probably it's not yet time for you to get it, or you have not asked according to His perfect will for you (Matt 7:11). Your happiness does not lie in your possession of material things alone, it also lies, most importantly, in your walking relationship with the Father - your creator (Ps 63, Phil 3:10). Not all that glitters is gold. What is good for the goose might be bad for gander. Your friend has it does not mean you should. Your Father knows what is best for you at each point in time.

If everyone in this world strives to live in love with God & man [which is the utmost commandment (Mark 12:30-31)], and in contentment, then all would be well. Let us continue that chain reaction of love that our Father started in John 3:16.

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