Monday, 20 May 2013


Love is all we need

Hello readers, hope you had a splendid weekend. Anyways I did, ‘had an awesome time in
church yesterday too, diverse miracles and testimonies.

Today, I want to talk about a little something I’ve noticed a lot of Christians do – we like to avoid the ‘bad guys’. Meanwhile, Jesus, whom we are following, said He came for the sinners and we would see a vivid example in Matt 9:9-13 how He dined with Matthew - the tax collector and through Matthew to John, how He walked in the midst of the people and not just His chosen twelve.

We keep on complaining that these people are bad, these people are corrupt, but if we do not show them the Love of Christ, how do we want them to change? Who do they learn from? I’m not saying we should go and become ‘best of friends’ with them, but we need to let them know that at least, if they come to sit beside us to talk, we would not try to end the conversation swiftly in fear of ‘contamination’.

We need to show these ‘lost ones’ that having a ‘relationship’ with God is truly awesome and nothing to be scared about. If we keep on avoiding them, making them feel unworthy, worthless, unwelcome, then how do we want to bring these ones to the Light?

We need to go to the ‘highways’ and the ‘edges’, to those who look like they are ‘living corpses’, to those who look like their world is about to come to an end, these are the people Jesus sent us to (Mark 16:15, Luke 9:2) – to the dead in spirit. It matters not if the person goes to church every Sunday, because really, some are just merely church-goers while in their hearts they have lots and lots of questions.

People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. People respond more to actions of love than to anything else. Don’t seclude yourself from these your colleagues in the name of being ‘spiritual’. You would agree with me that you wouldn't want to listen to someone who comes to advise you of a bad behavior, if every other day, he/she simply walks past you without even remembering to say hi.

Remember, even we who are good were once bad. Or perhaps, you were born into a Christian home, also remember that we are saved not by our good works, but by grace through faith.

Spread the Love of Christ everyday, everywhere you go, to every one you meet. Cheers!!!


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