Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Don't be discouraged 

hit your target
I was walking down the road one day and I was busy studying the peculiar dressing style of a particular lady. It was not so long after that I noticed I was following her exact footsteps and had missed my turn at the T-junction. And then the Holy Spirit said to me, that's what focus does. 

You remain on a path as long as you are focused on it. Let's take a few positive examples here:

Thomas Edison - he tried 999 times before he got the right combination for the electric light bulb. Abraham Lincoln - tried for so many years before he finally became the most influential president of America in 1861. John Davison Rockefeller - stayed with his oil company long enough to emerge the first billionaire in the world. Martin Luther King - stayed long enough with his dream for an America free of racism, his dream went on beyond him birthing Barack Obama as first black president of the USA. Nando Parrado - trekked 10 days at near death state over the Andes mountain with his friend in hope for a rescue after their plane crash. Jessica Cox - spent three years instead of six months to gain her lightweight aircraft license, had three flying instructors and practiced 89 hours of flying, and became the first pilot with no arms. Helen Keller - Despite disability of both deafness and blindness, she learned to read and write. I think this is long

Now going to the Bible, we have Christianity today because Jesus did not give up on His assignment, and the apostles did not give up on their assignments, even unto death. Looking at the other hand, Peter, as long as he kept his focus on Jesus, was able to walk on the sea. The moment he took notice of the storm around him, he began to sink (Matt 14:29-30). 

Looking at this from another stand point also, the Bible says looking unto Jesus, the Author and the Finisher of our faith (Heb 12:2). Bishop David Oyedepo has a description of the scripture - ...let thine eye be single...(Lk 11:34). He says, you cannot look up and look down at the same time (don't try it), therefore you cannot serve God and Mammon. In essence, if you are looking to God as your source for a solution, then look to Him alone. Besides, He's the best source.

Therefore, in all your pursuits, remain focused and determined, and look to God alone. It simply takes patience and perseverance. See you at the top. Cheers!!!

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